Brokof Jan called also Johann Brokoff, Brokhoff, Brokov, Prokov

*1652 (Spišská Sobota, Slovakia), †1718 (Prague)

Czech sculptor and woodcarver of German origin: Father of M.J.J.Brokof and F.M.Brokof.He learned to be a woodcarver and as an apprentice he got to know Prague. He came to Bohemia after 1680 from Spiš and worked for noble families in West and North-West Bohemia. In 1692 he settled in Prague and opened a prosperous workshop, in which he employed his sons. In stone masonry they surpassed their father and most of the top quality sculptures from Brokof workshop are said to be their works.

  • Works in Prague (selection):
    • Sculpture of St.John the Baptist for the Charles Bridge, today in Lapidarium of the National Museum
    • Sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk for the Charles Bridge (wooden model)
    • Sculpture of St. Joseph for the Charles Bridge, today in Lapidárium of the National Museum
    • Group of sculptures Bewailing for Christ for the Charles Bridge, today in the garden of Hospital under Petřín
    • Decoration of Tuscany Palace (Thun – Hohenstein at Hradcany Square)
  • Works out of Prague(selection):
    • Decoration of church of St.Adalbert in Broumov
    • Decoration of chateau park at Červený Hrádek
    • Decoration of chateau in Klášterec nad Ohří
    • Decoration of the church of St. Barbara in Manětín
    • Decoration of church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Tachov

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