Platzer Ignác František

*1717 (Pilsen), †1787 (Prague)

Czech sculptor and wood-carver of late Baroque era, member of woodcarvers family from West Bohemia. He was as an apprentice in Vienna and he founded a big workshop in Prague which supplied churches, monasteries, chateaux and palace gardens by whole sets of wood-carved and sculptural decorations all over Bohemia for more than 150 years till the beginning of the 20th century. Platzer´s art work is full of sensuality and fullness, particularly in the body forms. In a unique way, he managed to skillfully combine high Baroque style with Viennese Classicism.

  • Works in Prague(selection):
  • Works ouside of Prague(selection):
    • decoration of the main altar in the church of Annunciation of Virgin Mary in monastery in Teplá
    • decoration of church of the Holiest Trinity in Smečno
    • decoration of chateau terrace in Bečváry
    • decoration of chateau chapel in Hořín
    • decoration of chateau garden in Dobříš
    • decoration of chateau garden in Žehušice

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