Plečnik Jože also Josip, Josef

*1872 (Lublaň, Slovenia), †1957 (Lublaň, Slovenia)

Slovenian architect who also worked in Bohemia, one of the most outstanding representatives of Viennese modernism. He studied and later worked in Vienna, in 1910 he came to Prague where he hosted as a professor at High School of Applied Arts till 1921. Then he was appointed as a professor at the Architecture School by Ljublana University. In 1919 T.G.Masaryk asked him to revamp Prague Castle so that it would become a dignified seat for the President of the newly established Republic, following the tradition of a historical residence of Czech rulers yet surpassing it. Until 1934 Plečnik was the main architect at the Prague castle. He restyled the courtyards (on the III.courtyard he erected the granite Monolith), gardens, the president´s flat, the Column Hall and other parts. He enriched the Castle with a lot of small constructions with refined details. He was inspired by Czech historical architecture, by Art Noveau style and Mycenae, Minoan, Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. He originally used all those styles in a new enviroment. He cooperated on the reconstruction of chateau in Lány and built the church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord at Vinohrady. Besides architecture he designed interiors and furniture.


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