Rejsek Matěj also Raysek

* around 1445 (Prostějov), †1506 (Kutná Hora)

Stonemason, sculptor and builder, representative of late Gothic style. He had no professional education but he gained his work experience in Parléř´s workshop. He worked mostly for king Vladislav II Jagiello. He was teacher and rector at the Týn school. In Prague he constructed and decorated the Powder Tower, cooperated on the decoration of Týn Church, his other works also include a rib vault in the house At the Angel on Malé Square (1/44) or the late Gothic style of the House At the Unicorn at the Old Town Square. His sculptures have often grotesque expressions. From 1489 he was working on St.Barbara Cathedral in Kutná Hora and his traces can be found in Kaňk near Kutná Hora and also in Hradec Králové and Rakovník.


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