Charles Bridge

The stone bridge with 16 arches was built after 1357 in immediate vicinity of the original Judith Bridge, which was destroyed by a flood; up to 1841 it was the only bridge over Vltava River in Prague. Despite a number of severe damages, followed by repairs, it still stands today in its almost original state and thus represents a unique evidence of the engineering and construction abilities of our ancestors. The bridge is decorated with an excellent sculpture gallery with 31 sculptures created in the years 1659 to 1938; a number of them belong to the best works of Central-European Baroque sculpture. The bridge complex includes a trio of protective towers (two of which are at the end of the bridge in the Lesser Town), the most remarkable of them being the Old Town Bridge Tower, one of the largest and most beautiful Gothic gates in Europe. The bridge offers beautiful views on the Vltava River as well as panoramas of both river banks.


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