Bořivoj I

*852 or 853, †888 or 889

The first reliably historically documented Czech duke; a Premyslid, the husband of St. Ludmilla and father of Vratislaus I. His reign began in the year 867 when he fought against the Frank invasion of Bohemia. In the years between 882 and 884 he was baptized a Christian by St. Methodius, after which he was probably made the representative of the Great Moravian ruler, Svatopluk I in Bohemia. In around 880 he moved the main Přemyslid settlement about 10 kilometres from Levy Hradec to a castle located on the site of the current Prague Castle. He founded the first churches in Bohemia (at Levy Hradec and on the site of the present 3rd courtyard of Prague Castle). He died without leaving an adult heir and the reign passed to Svatopluk I.


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