Soběslav I

* circa 1090, †1140 (Hostinné)

He was a Czech duke from 1125, a member of the Přemyslids. He was called to the ducal throne instead of Ota II the Black, who had right of succession. In the chaotic and difficult times of the dynastic dissension of the Přemyslids, he managed to defend the independent sovereignty of Bohemia, particularly through his victory over the imperial forces of Lothair III at a frontier fortress near Chlumec in the Krušný mountains (1126). Around the year 1135 he initiated the complete reconstruction of Prague Castle which at that time was a secondary seat of the Přemyslids (the dukes, including Soběslav, were based at Vyšehrad Castle). The period of his reign was a time of expansion and the beginning of the rise in Bohemia’s international standing and because of this he was known as Father of the Nation even before Charles IV. He was buried at Vyšehrad.


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