Saint Luke the Evangelist

A doctor, born of Greek origin, Luke was originally a Gentile who was converted to Christianity by St. Paul, and is assumed to be the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. After seventeen he accompanied the apostle Paul on his missionary journeys and was with him on his last journey to Rome, where Paul was martyred. He probably then travelled to Egypt and Greece and died in Thebes, of what was reported to be a natural and peaceful death, at the age of 84. His attributes include a winged ox (because he begins his Gospel with Zacharias’ sacrifice in the temple; the sacrificial animal was an ox) a pen, a book or scroll; he has been depicted painting a portrait of the Virgin Mary (he was apparently also a painter). He is the patron saint of artists, doctors, lawyers, performers, goldsmiths, bookbinders and butchers, the protector of animals against the plague, a shield against unhappiness and bringer of good weather.


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