Saint Paul

Born in Asia Minor sometime between year 5 to 10, Paul’s original name was Saul. He was a fanatical Jew and persecutor of Christians but converted to Christianity after a dramatic event when he was addressed by Jesus Christ himself and he subsequently became a follower of Christ even though he had never met him during his lifetime and was not one of the twelve chosen. After meeting St. Peter he embarked on missionary journeys to Asia Minor and Macedonia. Here he was arrested and made use of his Roman citizenship, which guaranteed him a trial under Roman law. He was taken to Rome and finally released, but in 66 he was arrested again and a year later he was martyred. His pastoral epistles represent the main strands of Christian thought and had a fundamental influence on the thinking and history of the whole church; in them he emphasized the importance of the Old Testament for Christians, declaimed against the admission of mythical elements into Christian belief and laid the foundations of the Christian dogma of the original sin. He is the patron of theologians, printing, clerics, workers, saddlers, rope and basket makers, protector against ear diseases, cramps, snakebite and fear and bringer of rain and fertile land.


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