St. John the Evangelist

According to the Bible, John the Evangelist, a fisherman from Galilee, was first a disciple of St. John the Baptist and later on one of the twelve disciples and the closest friend of Jesus Christ. He witnesses Christ’s miracles and crucifixion. The dying Christ asked John to protect His mother, the Virgin Mary. After the Lord’s ascension, John and Peter spread the gospel and led the other disciples. After the Virgin Mary’s death and ascension, John gospeled in Ephesus, where he wrote one of the gospels and three epistles. In the year of 94, St. John was apprehended and sent to Rome, where he was miraculously preserved from death when thrown into a cauldron of boiling oil. On account of this, he was banished to the isle of Patmos, where he wrote the book Revelation containing deep secrets about the current situation and future of the Church. He returned to Ephesus in the year of 96, where he died at the age of 90. He is a patron of theologists, officials, notaries and writers. His attributes are a snake, book or scroll, eagle and grave.


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