St. Joseph

According to the Bible, Joseph was a carpenter from Nazareth, the fiancé and husband of the Virgin Mary and the foster-father of Jesus Christ. Before their wedding, Mary became pregnant and Joseph canceled their betrothal; however, after an angel told him about the miraculous conception, he married Mary. According to the Bible, Joseph disappeared from the life of Jesus when Jesus was 12 years old, shortly after he got lost in Jerusalem and his parents found him in a church talking to priests (Joseph probably died in Nazareth before Jesus started preaching in public). The veneration of St. Joseph came much later; St. Therese was a great promoter of his cult. In the year of 1654, St. Joseph was proclaimed a co-patron of the Czech Lands and a protector of peace in the country. St. Joseph is a patron of married couples, Christian families, children, youth, orphans, virginity, workmen, artisans, engineers, grave-diggers, educators, travelers, outlaws and the dying; he is a protector against eye diseases and temptation and in forlorn situations. His attributes are carpenter tools and a blooming staff (this is how he was chosen to be Mary’s husband). He is often portrayed with baby Jesus in his arms, by the manger in Bethlehem, working with Jesus in his workshop and etc.


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