St. Ludmila

Ludmila, the grandmother of St.Wenceslas, is one of the most prominent figures of early Czech history. She was born around the year of 860, was baptized together with her husband Prince Bořivoj and raised her sons Vratislav and Spytihněv and grandson Wenceslas in the Christian faith. After Prince Vratislav died, his wife and the mother of Wenceslas, Drahomíra, assumed the rule over the country for the under-aged Wenceslas. Drahomíra considered Ludmila her political competitor and had her strangled at Ludmila’s castle Tetín in 921. In the year of 925, Prince Wenceslas repudiated his mother and had the remains of his grandmother officially moved to Prague. They are in the Church of St. George at the Prague Castle. Ludmila became a patron of the Czech Lands. The Ludmila cult and the Wenceslas cult became the power pillars of the Premyslid dynasty. However, there is no written documentation about the veneration of Ludmila before the end of the 11th century and she was not officially canonized until 1143-44. She is a patron of winegrowers, grandmothers and educators. Her attributes are a long coat, princess hat, crown and veil.


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