St. Nicolas of Tolentino

Nicolas of Tolentino was an excellent preacher from the second half of the 13th century. Before he finished his studies, he joined the Augustinian Order in Tolentino, Italy, where he became famous for his repentance and humbleness. He was appointed a preacher of the monastery, which he did for 30 years. In his daily preaching, he proved to have a gift to make even the staunchest sinners repent and became famous for his miracles and skills in healing the ill. He lived in asceticism and was a devoted helper of the poor and distressed. He died in 1306 and was canonized in 1446. He is venerated as the protector of unity of the Church, a helper in need and a patron of souls in purgatory. His attributes are a star on the chest and lily in the hand.


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