St. Prokop

Prokop is one of the principal patrons of the Czech Kingdom and a protector and promoter of Slavonic liturgy. He was born in Chotoun by Český Brod sometime around the year of 970. He was a monk at Vyšehrad, Prague. Before the year of 1009, he was professed and lived as a hermit in the Sázava Valley. Around his hermitage, a monastic settlement of his followers started to develop and then became the Sázava Monastery, a prominent center of Christianity and Slavonic liturgy. Prince Břetislav appointed him the abbot of the monastery. Prokop died in 1053 and was canonized in 1204. He is a patron of the Czech Lands and a protector of farmers and miners. His attributes are a staff, shepherd’s stick and chain with the devil.


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