St. Sigismund

Sigismund of Burgundy, the son of the king of Burgundy, was born in France in the 5th century. In the year of 516, he became the king of Burgundy. He protected Christians and was respected and loved by his subjects. In a rage, he had his son killed and Burgundy fell into chaos. The Franks took advantage of the situation and invaded Burgundy in 523. Sigismund and his family fled to a monastery, but Frank soldiers found them and killed them all. Sigismund’s horrible deed was thus forgiven, and people started worshipping him as a saint. Charles IV bought the majority of Sigismund’s relics in 1365. Since then, St. Sigismund has belonged among the Czech saints and patrons of the Czech Lands. He is also a protector of penitents. His attributes are a crown, scepter, orb and sword.


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