The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is one of the central figures of Christian mythology. According to the Bible, she is the mother of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God. Her birth was announced to her parents, St. Anne and St. Joachim, by angels. When she grew up, her parents betrothed her to a carpenter from Nazareth, St. Joseph. However, before her wedding Mary was miraculously conceived by the Holy Spirit. Joseph, who felt betrayed and wanted to cancel the betrothal, was told about the miracle by an angel. Joseph and Mary, as husband and wife, went to Bethlehem, where Mary immaculately gave birth to Jesus Christ; she was also with Jesus on His last earthly journey to Golgotha. As the Mother of the Savior, the Virgin Mary is the subject of much veneration in all Christian Churches. According to Church doctrines, from the very beginning Mary was blessed, saved from the original sin and assumed into Heaven for “envisioned merits of Jesus Christ.” The veneration of the Mother of God was first connected with that of Jesus Christ; the first signs of the Virgin Mary cult appeared in the 4th century. The Virgin Mary is a patron of Christianity and the needy and a protector of innkeepers, cooks, drapers, furriers, potters, sailors, gingerbread makers and vinegar makers. People pray to her during a storm.


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