At the Goats (Menhart Palace, Šrámek’s House) At the Goats (Menhart Palace, Šrámek’s House) 

At the Goats (Menhart Palace, Šrámek’s House) - Celetná Street 17/595, Old Town

At the Goats (Menhart Palace, Šrámek’s House)

Celetná Street 17/595, Old Town

Originally a Gothic house got its current Baroque look in 1706 and after 1750 (F. M. Kaňka) after a number of reconstructions, it was also adapted in Classicist style. The portal on the left side is Baroque, portal on the right was added during a reconstruction of the object in 1980’s. In an alcove between the floors there is a statue of St. John of Nepomuk from around 1755. The interiors on the groundfloor have preserved late Renaissance and Baroque vaults, some rooms have late Baroque parquet floors and Rococo doors. The interior painted decorations are by P. Molitor (1736). In the courtyard of the house (a passageway to Štupartská street) there is a wooden statues of Hercules with a lion, most likely a work by L. Widmann from mid-18th century (sometimes J. J. Bendl is mentioned as the author). There is also a copy of a statue by M. B. Braun. Owners of the house included the Renaissance cavalier Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice, author of one of the first Czech book of travels and a key participant in the estates rebellion. In 1706-38 there was a theatre and a concert hall of art-loving masters of Menhardt, where German and Italian travelling theatre ensembles used to perform. In 1756-76 there was a college of the educational Piarist Order where the enlightened historian G. Dobner, founder of Czech critical historiography, used to work. After 1780 the house served as a textiles manufacture. At present time the Theatre Institute and the Theatre in Celetná.

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