At the White Lion At the White Lion 

At the White Lion - Small Square 2/143, Old Town

At the White Lion

Small Square 2/143, Old Town

Originally an early Gothic house, rebuilt around 1600 in late Renaissance style and then after 1796 in late Baroque style. A Gothic entrance portal was preserved along with the house sign (Czech lion). Above the window on the first floor there is a Rococo relief of Christ’s Resurrection from mid-18th century. The first Prague printing works used to be located there, in 1488 the Prague Bible – the first Czech and also Slavic printed Bible - was published there. Since 1520 the printing works and the house were owned by a Humanist Mikuláš Konáš of Hodíštkov who published among other things Tracts of John Hus, Czech Chronicle by A. S. Piccolomini and works of Ancient philosophers.

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