Buquoy Palace Buquoy Palace Buquoy Palace 

Buquoy Palace - Celetná Street 20/562, Old Town

Buquoy Palace

Celetná Street 20/562, Old Town

Originally an extentsive Gothic house, with Renaissance and Baroque adaptations; the current Classicist look of the façade is from 1773 (A. Prachner). Gothic masonry has been preserved up to the level of the third floor. In 1965-71 the building was very badly restored for the purposes of the Charles University which has owned the building since 1762, using it originally as a residence for law and medicine professors. In 1882 the Royal Czech Society of Sciences, the predecessor of the contemporary Academy of Sciences, settled in the palace for some time. Many Gothic cellars were preserved inside, rooms on the groundfloor have Renaissance vaults, the Renaissance joist ceiling inside a room on the second floor is precious too. The entry portal is in late Renaissance style.

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