Burgrave’s House - Jiřská Street 7/6, Prague Castle

Burgrave’s House

Jiřská Street 7/6, Prague Castle

The Burgrave’s House is found right across the Lobkowicz Palace in the lower part of Jiřská street. The building was rebuilt in Renaissance style from an older burgrave’s house after a fire in 1541. During another reconstruction in the 1960’s certain parts were taken down and replaced with brand new buildings. The Burgrave of Prague Castle was the supreme provincial official who acted as the king’s deputy during king’s absence; this office has been held by members of the most influential aristocratic families. There were court rooms among other facilities, and the neighbouring courtyard was used for executions. The Black Tower, formerly used as a prison, especially for tax evaders, also forms part of the Burgrave’s House. At present time exhibitions (mainly of photographies) are held there and the northern wing was turned into a Museum of Toys.

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