Canonical House Canonical House 

Canonical House - Hradčanské Square 6/65, Hradčany

Canonical House

Hradčanské Square 6/65, Hradčany

The house has been built for the personal use of canon Václav of Radeč in 1414 as one of the first peak Gothic houses in Hradčany; it was an isolated court with a dwelling-house and a tower, its remainders are still apparent in the corner of the building. The house has been rebuilt a number of times, its current look is late Baroque from mid-18th century. In the cellars of the house you can still find the original walls of the old court. The façade is adorned with a painting of St. John of Nepomuk who allegedly lived here once, when he was the Vicar General during the times of archbishop Jan of Jenštejn. In 1950-91 writer Jiří Mucha lived in this house.

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