Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace 

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace - Karlova Street 2/189, Old Town

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

Karlova Street 2/189, Old Town

Peak Baroque four-wing palace built after 1735 according to a plan by F. I. du Prée for Prince Vinzenz Paul Mansfeld in site of older buildings (remainders of Romanesque and Gothic houses preserved). Sculptures on the portal (coat-of-arms of Prince Mansfeld, vases and angels) and a fountain with a statue of Neptune in the courtyard were most likely made in A. Braun’s workshop. In mid-19th century a neighbouring house was attached to the Palace and a passage was created on the right side of the main façade. The façade and part of the interiors were adapted in Neo-Rococo style. In 1840 the first exhibition of Fine Arts Unity was held in the palace, until 1914 an estates fencing-room was located there. At present time the Palace is used by Lyra Pragensis foundation.

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