Daliborka Tower Daliborka Tower Daliborka Tower 

Daliborka Tower - Golden Lane by Daliborka Tower, Prague Castle

Daliborka Tower

Golden Lane by Daliborka Tower, Prague Castle

The famous Daliborka tower can be accessed from the lower end of the Golden Lane through a staircase in house no. 1/12. This artillery bastion of cylindrical shape forms part of late Gothic, Jagiello outer fortifications above the Stag Moat, was built in 1496 by B. Ried and originally had an extra floor. The walls are up to 2.5 metres thick. Inside the tower there is a 7 metres deep dungeon used until the end of the 18th century for the most serious criminals. First of them was Knight Dalibor of Kozojedy, accused of providing shelter to rebellious serfs from a neighbouring estate, and later executed for this serious breach of Medieval law. According to a legend, in the prison he learnt to play violin in such a touching way that he made his living that way ( the Czech word husle, from which housle – Czech for violin - has been derived, referred to a torture rack, a horrible instrument, that really made everyone give out noises). Daliborka Tower is connected to the New White Tower through a defence passage way above the Stag Moat, it is also connected to the Black Tower by the Old Castle Steps through fortification wall passages.

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