Golz-Kinský Palace Golz-Kinský Palace Golz-Kinský Palace Golz-Kinský Palace 

Golz-Kinský Palace - Old Town Square 11, 12/606, Old Town

Golz-Kinský Palace

Old Town Square 11, 12/606, Old Town

Monumental late Baroque palace, one of the most beautiful ones in Prague, was built in 1755-65 by A. M. Lurago for Count Jan Arnošt Golz on the site of three Medieval houses (remainders preserved in the basement); rich stucco decorations of the façade in Rococo style were made by C. G. Bossi, the statues of Ancient Greek gods on the attic are by I. F. Platzer. In 1786 the palace became a property of Count Kinský and his family, Classicist adaptations and decorations were done by J. Koch and J. Kranner in 1835. In 1843 the Austrian writer and founder of a peace movement Bertha Suttner-Kinská, first women to win the Nobel Peace Prize (1905), was born there. German high school was located in the palace for some time, one of its pupils included F. Kafka whose father had a shop on the groundfloor of the palace. On 25th February 1948 K. Gottwald announced from the balcony of the palace that president E. Beneš agrees with the demission of the democratic government; then the Communist dictatorship was established in Czechoslovakia. At present time the building is used by the National Gallery. Inside the palace the exceptionally valuable library of the Kinský family is stored, including a unique collection of literature from the period of the French revolution, important collection of book graphics and a number of one-of-a-kind pieces of Bohemistic literature; at present time it is administered by the National Museum.

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