Granite Monolith - Prague Castle,Third Courtyard

Granite Monolith

Prague Castle,Third Courtyard

Right next to the Bishop’s Palace a granite monolith was erected in 1928, based on a plan by J. Plečnik; it is 15.5 metres tall, 195 cm wide at its base and weighs 110 tons. Slim monolith from fine polished granite was originally supposed to be placed in the Garden of Paradise but then it was put in the Third Castle Courtyard to commemorate the victims of the First World War. The monolith used to be 20 metres tall but it broke into two pieces during transportation. Even on a second try, another monolith broke but luckily only the upper part so the longer part could still be used. The transport of this massive stone from a quarry at Šedova skála near Mrákotín in Telč region was financed from private funds of president T.G. Masaryk was to represent a national manifesto and became part of Masaryk’s effort to change the former royal residence into the seat of a new democratic state. The pedestal is also made from granite which originated in Liberec though. There were plans for adding a group of statues and the state symbol to the monolith but then the top part remained empty until 1996 when it was decorated with a 2 metres high pyramid from golden-plated metal.

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