Jesuit College - Malostranské Square 2/25, Lesser Town, Praha 1

Jesuit College

Malostranské Square 2/25, Lesser Town, Praha 1

The construction of the Jesuit college – residence of professors, highest ranking representatives of the Order who took special oaths after fisnishing their philosophy and theology studies – was started in 1673 in early Baroque style by G. D. Orsi de Orsini in a site of several townhouses, of a school and a church of St. Wenceslas, right next to the church of St. Nicholas which was founded around the same time. In 1674 the construction was taken over by F. A. Lurago who finished it in 1691; in 1737-52 the west wing was rebuilt in High Baroque style. After the Jesuit Order was abolished in 1773, the building was converted into an adminstrative building, further adaptations followed in 1823 and 1922-27. During the 2nd World War the building was used by the German Army and since the 1960’s the Mathematical and Physics Faculty of the Charles University is located there (today its IT section). After 2000 the building underwent an extensive reconstruction and is now used for concerts, conferences, graduation ceremonies and other social events. – Three wings and the church of St. Nicholas form a square-shaped courtyard. Towards the lower square, the building has four floors while towards the upper square it has three. All the façades are very plain, simple rectangular windows are typical. There are early Baroque vaults preserved inside, there is also a Baroque double armed pillar staircase and a number of Baroque and Rococo doors and portals.

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