Kohl´s Fountain Kohl´s Fountain 

Kohl´s Fountain - Prague Castle, Second Courtyard

Kohl´s Fountain

Prague Castle, Second Courtyard

Approximately in the center of the Second Castle Courtyard stands a large, richly decorated Baroque fountain, made in 1686 by J. Kohl and Italian stonemason F. della Torre. It is sometimes called the Lion´s Fountain (based on the lion statues on the pillar) or Leopold´s (after the emperor Leopold I under whose reign it was built). The top end sphere beared a golden plated Habsburg eagle until 1918. The fountain is supplied with water from an ancient water pipe, that brings water from the Brusnice stream and also from the pond below the Hvězda summer palace in Horní Liboc. Right next to the fountain stands a well with a Baroque grille.

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