Lesser Town Hall (Malostranská beseda) - Malostranské Square 21/35, Lesser Town

Lesser Town Hall (Malostranská beseda)

Malostranské Square 21/35, Lesser Town

Originally a late Gothic building from 1478-81, plundered in 1611 during the attack of the Passau army and later (1617-30) rebuilt in late Renaissance style, perhaps according to a plan by G. M. Filippi, interior layout and the portal in the arcades are from 1660. Until 1828 the house had three towers with onion cupolas and decorative dormer windows. From the end of the 15th century this house was the seat of the Town hall of the Lesser Town, already third in a row (first town hall used to stand in the centre of the Square, then it was located in the House at the Seven Stone Pillars). Memorial tablet on the façade reminds that in 1575 the Czech Confession was proclaimed a legal document which was meant to give religious freedom to non-Catholics in Bohemia; the emperor Maxmilian II. Habsburg confirmed the confession verbally, but later denied its validity. This house served as the Town Hall until the union of Prague towns in 1784. At present time the former town hall serves cultural purposes (theatre performances, concerts, lectures, exhibitions).

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