Millesimo (Cavriano) Palace Millesimo (Cavriano) Palace Millesimo (Cavriano) Palace 

Millesimo (Cavriano) Palace - Celetná Street 13/597, Old Town

Millesimo (Cavriano) Palace

Celetná Street 13/597, Old Town

Peak Baroque palace built around 1756 probably by A. M. Lurago or F. I. Prée fro Christoph Cavriano and then for Count J. Caretto-Millesimo. It was converted from a Gothic building with Romanesque foundations originally belonging to two houses (few vaulted rooms and a portal with a relief were preserved). From the Gothic stage a number of elements was preserved, including four wings around the inner courtyard, brick gables, the portal and several windows. The rooms on the groundfloor preserved their late Gothic, Renaissance and peak Baroque vaults. On the floor above there is a number of Baroque doors and parquet floors, the ceilings with rich stucco decorations are precious too. In the 19th century an artistocratic casino and a luxurious restaurant were found there. Since 1990 the palace has been used by the Charles University.

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