New White Tower - Golden Lane by Daliborka Tower, Prague Castle

New White Tower

Golden Lane by Daliborka Tower, Prague Castle

At the upper end of the Golden Lane stands the New White Tower, built behind the fortification walls in the 15th century by B. Ried as part of the Jagiello fortifications of Prague Castle. Its name refers to the original White Tower in the southern part of the Castle, between the Second and Third Castle Courtyards, which served as the southern entry gate into the Castle, later closed down. In 1584 the state prison with a torture room for higher class convicts was shifted from the White Tower and the New White Tower. Its involuntary inhabitants during the reign of Rudolph II included English alchemist E. Kelly or chamberlains F. Lang and K. Rucký. After the Battle of the White Mountain some of the leaders of the anti-Hapsburg rebellion of 1618 were imprisonned there and then executed in 1621 on the Old Town Square. Writings and drawings by the prisoners have been preserved on the walls. The New White Tower is connected through a defence passage way inside the fortification walls to the more famous Daliborka Tower.

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