Public Lighting Lamp-post Public Lighting Lamp-post Public Lighting Lamp-post 

Public Lighting Lamp-post - Hradčanské Square, Hradčany

Public Lighting Lamp-post

Hradčanské Square, Hradčany

On Hradčany Square you will find eight branched cast-iron lamp-post of public gaslight, one from the sixteen lamp-posts installed in Prague in 1860´s and one of the two that were preserved. (Apart from these, there were 11 four branched, 55 three branched and 557 single lamp-posts in Prague.) The eight branched lamp-posts are the most valuable ones from the artistic point of view and these were based on designs by architect A. Linsbauer, made by sculptor E. Veselý and casted by Komárov iron works in 1867-68. Four females figures stand on a granite block, above them there are eight neo-Baroque branches with lamps, a neo-Renaissance column with allegorical figure of Prague rises above them.

This lamp-post was used until 1985 where the gaslight on Hradčany Square and in Loretánská street was finished as the last location in Prague. In 2005 the lamp-post was repaired and a modern technology of gaslight was installed there. The Prague City Hall intends to re-introduce gas lamp-posts (usually replicas) along the whole Royal Route.

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