Salma (Small Schwarzenberg) Palace Salma (Small Schwarzenberg) Palace Salma (Small Schwarzenberg) Palace 

Salma (Small Schwarzenberg) Palace - Hradčanské Square 1/186, Hradčany

Salma (Small Schwarzenberg) Palace

Hradčanské Square 1/186, Hradčany

Classicist three-wing palace with an honorary court was built between 1800 and 1810 by F. Pawitschek for the Prague Archbishop Vilém Florentin Count of Salma in place of smaller houses of castle administration officers; since 1811 the palace belonged to the Schwarzenberg family which joined it to the neighbouring Schwarzenberg Palace. At present time the palace is undergoing an adaptation for the permanent exhibitions of the National Gallery which rents the place from the Prague Castle Administration office; the collections of Czech Gothic art should be displayed there, currently stored in the St.Agnes Convent, threatened by the floods. A memorial plaque reminds of the sculptor J. Landa who used to live there.

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