Sixt’s House Sixt’s House Sixt’s House 

Sixt’s House - Celetná Street 2/553, Old Town

Sixt’s House

Celetná Street 2/553, Old Town

Originally a Romanesque house, rebuilt later on, its current appearance is from 1737 and later adaptations. Sculptures of Habsburg rulers on the attic are most likely from the workshop of A. Braun. The cellars preserved their Romanesque and early Gothic character, rooms on the groundfloor have late Renaissance vaults. The name of the house reminds of its former owner, Old Town chancellor Jan Theodor Sixt of Ottersdorf, member of the estatets rebellion and author of chronicles from 1546-47 in which he described the rebellion in great detail. After the Battle at the White Mountain he was condemned to death along with the other men but he was granted freedom at the execution place. After he went into exile, his house was given to court secretary Filip Fabricius, one of the three defenestrated men at the beginning of the estates rebellion.

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