Smiřický House (At the Montags) Smiřický House (At the Montags) Smiřický House (At the Montags) 

Smiřický House (At the Montags) - Malostranské Square 18/6, Lesser Town

Smiřický House (At the Montags)

Malostranské Square 18/6, Lesser Town

Originally a Renaissance palace built in 1603-13 in a site of four Gothic houses was rebuilt in 1860’s in Baroque style and also expanded according to a plan by M. Jäger. House cellars are mostly Medieval, arcades were preserved in the courtyard, 28 rooms have painted Late Renaissance ceilings. In the passage of the house there is a stone with small holes that were used for putting out the torches. From 1573 the house was owned by Smiřický family, one of the richest clans in Bohemia prior to the battle at the White Mountain. Right before the third Prague defenestration, Albrecht Smiřický organized a meeting of rebellious Czech lords to discuss the next steps against the Habsburg rule. One day later (on 23rd May 1618) the royal governors V. Slavata and J. Martinic along with a clerk F. Fabricio found themselves thrown out of the windows of the Old Royal Palace at the Prague Castle; this was the beginning of the estates rebellion and the Thirty Year War. At present time this palace is used by the Parliament of the Czech Republic as many other buildings in the neighbourhood.

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