Spanish Hall Spanish Hall 

Spanish Hall - Prague Castle, Second Courtyard

Spanish Hall

Prague Castle, Second Courtyard

The majestic Spanish Hall, 43 m long, 21 m wide and 12 m tall, is situated in the North wing of the New Palace on the Second Castle Courtyard, right next to the Rudolph Gallery. It was commissioned by the emperor Rudolph II and built in 1602-06 based on a plan by G. M. Filippi as a space for emperor´s vast collection of statues. It is located above the former stables where the emperor kept horses of a rare Spanish breed – hence the name of the hall. The hall had originally columns in the middle which supoorted the painted ceiling, its current look is the result of a number of extensive reconstructions. From Rudolph´s era part of the stucco wall decorations were preserved. At present time the Spanish Hall is used for major state events, concerts and social gatherings.

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