Sternberg Palace Sternberg Palace Sternberg Palace Sternberg Palace Sternberg Palace 

Sternberg Palace - Malostranské Square 19/7, Lesser Town

Sternberg Palace

Malostranské Square 19/7, Lesser Town

A Baroque palace was built after 1684 by Adolf Vratislav of Sternberg from two converted Renaissance (originally Gothic) houses, Baroque façade is from 1810’s, probably the work of G. B. Alliprandi. Rich early Baroque stucco decorations of the interiors on the first floor was made most likely by D. Frisoni, Gothic and Renaissance cellars, wall decorations and other details are valuable too. At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries when the palace was owned by František Josef of Sternberg, it became a centre of the evolving Czech science. Enlightened aristocrats met there with Prague scholars (e.g. Kašpar Maria of Sternberg, J. Dobrovský, J. Barrande, F. Palacký); in 1784 Czech Society of Sciences was founded there (the oldest predecessor of the present Czech Academy of Sciences) and 12 years later the Society of Patriotic Friends of Art was established there too (predecessor of the Academy of Fine Arts and the National Gallery). The idea to open a Czech patriotic museum, realized in 1818 when the Patriotic Museum in Bohemia was founded (now the National Museum), was also conceived here. At present time the Sternberg palace is part of the complex of building belonging to the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

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