T.G. Masaryk Memorial T.G. Masaryk Memorial 

T.G. Masaryk Memorial - Hradčanské Square, Hradčany

T.G. Masaryk Memorial

Hradčanské Square, Hradčany

Bronze statue of the first Czechoslovak president T.G. Masaryk was installed on the corner of the Salm Palace, opposite the main gateway of the Prague Castle, in 2000 on the occasion of 150th anniversary of birth of this statesman. Below his standing figure there are letters TGM and dates of his birth and death engraved. A statue by O. Španiel from 1937 served as a model, proportionally increased in size for this purpose. The statue was erected mainly thanks to the efforts of the Foundation of TGM Statue. Somewhat unfortunate is the staircase that enables access to the pedestal and the statue itself; tired tourists often use this as recreational and refreshments area. Many people consider the whole memorial as not well done to say the least.

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