Valkoun House Valkoun House Valkoun House Valkoun House Valkoun House Valkoun House 

Valkoun House - Nerudova Street 14/211, Lesser Town

Valkoun House

Nerudova Street 14/211, Lesser Town

Originally a Gothic house, rebuilt in Renaissance style and in 1704 in Baroque style by K. Dietzenhofer. In 1705-23 it was owned by J. B. Santini who created its High Baroque façade from which only ZVLNENE RIMSY. Other owners included goldsmiths Diesbach and J. Pakeni. There is a relief of Medusa above the left entrance, there is a cartouche above the entrance on the right side, also with a small head. Between the second and third floors there is a fresco of the Holiest Trinity in an oval cartouche.

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