Vilímek’s House (At Christopher‘s) Vilímek’s House (At Christopher‘s) 

Vilímek’s House (At Christopher‘s) - Old Town Square 28/461, Old Town

Vilímek’s House (At Christopher‘s)

Old Town Square 28/461, Old Town

Originally a Gothic house, later rebuilt a number of times; particularly in the 16th century in the Renaissance style. In 1627 the house was acquired by the Servites who connected it to their monastery by the church of St. Michael. In 1830’s the house was reconstructed in peak Baroque style, the façade that is of high quality is also from that period. After the monastery was abolished in 1786, the interiors of the house were converted into appartments, further adaptations followed in the 1930’s. The cellars still have a Gothic character, rooms on the ground and first floors have Renaissance and peak Baroque vaults.

The church of St. Michael was built in 1330-60 in place of a parish church from a period prior to 1313; Jan Hus and Křišťan of Prachatice used to work there among others. In 1625 it became the property of the Servites Order who built a monastery in its neighbourhood. The whole complex underwent a Baroque reconstruction in the second half of the 18th century, probably according to a plan by A. Müller. At present time the church is abolished and after a controversial interior refurbishment it is used by the Theatre On the Royal Route. The entrance to the church is in Michalská street.

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